Overview of Protocol

**Update: There is still an issue with asking multiple counties due to zip codes that span counties. we are working on a permanent fix, but you can turn off the survey question by clicking the red minus button by Surveys/Series under the Marker section.

**Have repeated county requests occurring? The automated query that repeatedly asks “what County are you in” can be manually canceled or manually completed on behalf of end user with the “surveys and serious” tools on the right side of the conversation, if you have a string where it is being repeated. Note: It appears to occur when there are two counties to select from and the respondent types the name vs. choosing a number. We are working on resolving the issue.

Texting Protocol

As usual, when a client texts the platform, it will automatically ask for their zip code

If the client is in a Florida county/zip code and requests food assistance (or related terms) or mentions the FDACS distribution program, verify the county they are in and Use to determine if their county is currently activated as part of the program (Ctrl + F will work best!)

Food for Florida (Disaster SNAP for Florida) is now available in some counties.  First, visit the page for general information on the program.  Then visit the appropriate county page for specific date and location information.

In all cases, remind folks to also apply for FEMA financial assistance at

If the client needs assistance with transportation, childcare, or other local resources both related and unrelated to accessing the food distribution, recommend they call their local 2-1-1

Other Useful Tips

See below for guidance regarding D-SNAP (aka Food for Florida) vs. SNAP:

Wrapping Up a Text

Technical Details:  Canned Responses and Data Markers

Tips for Responses to Difficult Cases

(Special thanks to Caree Jewell from the Heart of Florida United Way for the following:)

Here are some helpful scripts/words of encouragement that can be used for individuals who are presenting as frustrated/emotional. All of this falls under the skills of empathetic active listening. This is all about helping the person feel heard and understood, especially if there are no options.

Or if there are no resources available:

When people have tried everything and there may not be other options at that point, be honest and say something like:

Quality and Customer Service Reminders: